The Target

Context: The apartment is situated in Paris, in the vicinity of the Boulogne Forest and gardens of Ranelagh, in an art deco building from the beginning of the century.

Concept: The project goal was to revive the 30s` ambiance completing it with modern amenities.

The first decision was to change the distribution of rooms, the apartment was charming and original but the layout was wasteful focusing mostly on over scaled circulation. On account of that we put the dining room and living room together to obtain modern, open-plan life space.

We preserved all of the valuable old walls and ceilings decorations as well as the central, large, entrance corridor so characteristic for the buildings from this period. The old moldings are contrasted with a very contemporary lamps together keeping the color code of art deco style but in a present- day way.

Another key feature includes reinstating in a living room an original, art –deco, marble fireplace, providing a warm welcome to guests and a little bit of the old fashion touch to the modern dining area.

We decided to place a small amount of furniture letting the volume of the space play the main role stimulating the ambiance with warm tactile materials, refined sofa fabrics, grey, velvet curtains and pastel colors of the walls.

In the private, relaxation part of the apartment, we created a large bathroom that opens into the master bedroom through a glass partition. Shades of blue of the room blend gracefully with the subtle venture of statuary marble and white sanitary objects designed by Patricia Urquiola. The color nuances and decorations reminds us the Scandinavian style furniture from 60`, making the space modern but cozy and very intimate.