« clean cut »


3214 m²



Postindustrial plot situated in the proximity of the railway tracks determined the positioning and the shape of the building. A project relay on designing a car concession building combining tree different brands under the same roof.

Our goal was to create a dealership that would regroup three car brands on 3200 sqm including showrooms, offices, car service and a storage.

Three different car brands under the same roof? It is possible.

Renault and its eco- friendly approach, economically just Dacia and the high performance Nissan were to share the same commercial and technical space. We proposed as a solution a  ”clean cut”, elegant building that minimized construction and exploitation costs.

Rearranging the size and the disposition of three showroom-modules allowed us to express each brand’s identity and message. Connections between boxes were designed for vehicle deliveries and we decided to cover them in a metallic mesh that filtrates the daylight and harmonizes the entire silhouette.

The decorations and interior design are both accurate with the brand norms, representative and new-fashioned.