“ White is the new black “


The main challenge was to reorganize the interior partitioning to preserve a generous open space for a daytime activities, as well to create the intimate part of nighttime (bedrooms, bathrooms and a closets).

We decided to eliminate the partition between disproportionate kitchen and the living room by creating the dining area in the middle and in the same time improving the quality of living.

The white color became the background exposure for colorful paintings of Andy Warhol and design furniture as well as a main element structuralizing ambience with different textures and materials. Once it`s clean, modern and edgy (like in the bathrooms and kitchen) to change in a moment (in the bedroom) to become soft, cozy and sophisticated with a “python leather” wallpaper on the wall.

As far as furniture were concerned we decided to place very little furniture and objects to underline the purines off the space, choosing them very carefully so each piece can play particular role in the composition.